Why Integrative Care?

Q&A with Dr. Monica Roberson

Q. What prompted you to open The Healing Space?

A. I’m trained as an OB-Gyn and have worked in my field for 8 years. I know the strengths of modern medicine. But when I found myself exhausted from parenting two small children, delivering babies, and treating patients, traditional medicine wasn’t able to get me healthy. No matter how much I slept, I craved more.

I began following the advice I give my patients – I started yoga and walking, and I completely changed my eating habits. I also enrolled in the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil to learn more about preventative medicine and scientifically proven natural ways to approach health. That was a life-changing experience, and changing my practice is the natural next step for me.

Q. What was the most exciting thing you learned in your Fellowship?

A. Most exciting to me has been the stress management skills I’ve learned. I know they work, because I see the difference in my own health. I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge with my patients.

Q. How is Integrative Medicine different from traditional practice?

A. Integrative Medicine starts with the principle that life balance is essential. If you’re sick or in pain or just not feeling like yourself, traditional medicine might have a pill, and it might even fix your symptoms for a time. But if you don’t address the underlying cause of the pain or the illness, it will come back. That’s where Integrative Medicine comes in. We can address real medical problems, but in a completely different way.

Q. Do you still use traditional medications?

A. Absolutely! We typically start with the most natural remedies – but again, remedies that have been scientifically proven to work – and then turn to standard Western treatment options if necessary.

Q. What do you tell people who are wary of Integrative Medicine?

A. First of all, I understand that hesitation. But I invite people to come and see for themselves. We’re not sending patients home with a bag of magic beans and a mantra. This is real medicine, grounded in science, and drawing on the amazing strength of the human body. We’re combining proven natural remedies with the best that modern science has to offer.

Q. How do you feel about supplements?

A. My goal is always to cut through the confusion and find the minimal number of supplements at the best possible prices. I don’t send patients home with a dozen different pills to take – and they don’t need to purchase supplements through me. Part of my job is to help patients navigate the maze of available supplements and determine which ones can help – and which are potentially dangerous or simply a waste of money. I can also check supplements patients are already taking to make sure they actually contain the ingredients claimed, and I always look for interactions between drugs and supplements.